“Not good enough” may slash on dreams
Dragging the hope out to absurd
Of all the meaning which it seems
It’s holding back, trust to elude.

“Not good enough” may play the game 
Of wandering through dense pitch-black,
Bringing the doubts to claim on shame
While crawling grails which lost their spark. 

“Not good enough” may catch today
The eyes of passion gleaming trust,
Busting the hope, wishing convey
With confidence to magic “just”.

The shadows hold the light on spots,
It’s all up there of flame relief.
Of what the matter glows on thoughts
To the bright “Just” of the belief. 

@Simona Prilogan, 12/01/2018, Nottingham






Today I am coming to edge, 

And peacefully   writing in stars 

How love  has found me and pledge 

The healing is touching my scars. 


Today I embrace all my dreams

And dance them on ways to the peaks.

While smile to the challenge and deem

The Light  will always spark on my streets. 


Today I am touching the cry

And turn it to smiles on my hope. 

Beside of my burden while try

To feign into pieces of gold.  



Seeking my own

Empty-headed I was running
hungry to catch the morning rays,
empowering my sight and tuning
I’m on my innocence’s ways.


I took the hint of flowers smiles,
of shadow lights on evening hour.
I watched  the moon behind of eyes
of inner mind on darkness power.


I laughed while dancing  with the Sun,
I washed the tears in rain, alone.
Today more empty-handed than
Before, I’m still seeking  my own



The queue


Today we will stay in the queue
while embassy’s staff count on rules,
while nothing just plays to the roof
and brings up the hope to the blue. 

Today we will make up the queue.
Just six will be  allowed to breathe
each day, no more space, even seethe.
Just follow the nights till get to. 

Today we will spark In the queue.
The timing is beating with luck
while running the race over dark
will embassy’s door welcome through.

Today we may count in the queue
the hours we struggled for rights
while nobody cared for the lights
which faded and got people screw. 

Today  we  will seat  over queue 
while questions become rude to us, 
and love is accused being cuss
because dared and no borders drew. 

@Simona Prilogan


Surprise me September

There run  through the time

The river of dreams,

While looking  to mine 

All hours to mean.


There flew  through the space 

Nice smiles  from the hope, 

While looking for grace

Of the life to involve.


There comes in the mind

Bouquet of the choices

Which ask for a kind

Of  following  voices. 


Today may I count 

On what should  remember

While jumping the bound.

Surprise me September! 















Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

Silence’s Rhythm



Today I have got my breathing

So deeply in my thoughts

Apart from  all   the smoothness 

Which run through daily naught. 




Today I’ve danced  with Silence 

So deeply in my mind

Away from  defiance 

Which made my race  so blind. 


 Today I’ve seen  the angels

Who light my inner peace

While singing with archangels

And shine through silence’s piece.  


Step out will bring Tomorrow 

Still looking for the path.

Through Laugh, and Hope, and Sorrow

I’m praying in my faith. 


“In words are seen the state of mind and character and disposition of the speaker.”