Pursuing the dreams

Blue dream

It’s not lost on me the moment I saw
With my dreaming eyes the steps to the lust
For shadowing hope, while vision may draw
With magic of colors the wish on the trust.

Pursuing the marvel, holding the light
Which flames on the nights and wandering days
I’ve crossed the years still looking for sight
Of wisdom’s deep meaning gracing the ways.

For days which are coming with new special dawns
I’m speaking my heart just upon the love.
I’m praying on ways for grace, while icons
Of truth and of wisdom are raising above.  

@Simona Prilogan, 14/01/2018, Nottingham


Life’s Waltz

I  woke up that morning and saw
on other peculiar seconds
how dreams were dancing on floor.

They told to the walls to break away
while stars were embracing the game
and showed me the magical way.

In whispers I got kindly  charm
From all the wishes I thought
I lost them while passing the road.

I woke up that morning and felt like
a part of my heart has been hugged
In a dance of the grace with the angels.

Still shy and still looking for light
I stepped to follow my heart on that dance,
embracing the time, embracing the space.

I woke up that morning and now
We still are on dance with the stars
which color the tales like the fairies.

Three steps for a dream to become,
Three steps for the power to be,
I follow my heart on life’s waltz.

I woke up that morning to Me.