Sincerity has sought its Smile
Since got my life to the one Sphere.
Same Satisfaction, Sadness, Style
Spark all together on my Sneer.

Salt brings to Seconds, Sing on Sand,
Secretly Smooth the Sound, the Song.
Sunflower Seeds Seal up Sweet land
Straightforward Smiling, Staying Strong.

Secretly Shelf Scroll Shadows Signs
Showing the Shyness Side by Shore.
Soup for the Soul stir up in Springs
Somewhere the Smile Spare all its Store.

Sincerity Sustains its Smile
Supremely Sparkling the Sunlight.

@Simona Prilogan, 4/01/2018, Nottingham

Winter 3


“Grey Dawn” – Tonight

“Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history” – Plato

I am happy to be part of  Grey Dawn”, a new poetry anthology from All Poetry.


Tonight I’ll write  to you on sand
And wait for the wind to arrive
While counting the stars to the end
Of what I was used to strive.

Tonight I will sing with the moon
When both we will look for the light
And catching  the sadness too soon
Just running for nothing through night.

Tonight I will miss all my space
Once more as I did it before.
While tears wash the hope from my face
I’m dancing with  silence to shore.



I wanna go home

“I wanna go home”
is her name, her song, her tale.
while mind is  wandering  through
all her missing  space.
Memories spark on evenings
and eyes of time tears minutes away.


“I  wanna go home”
the angels are healing the wounds
and birds are singing between
the spaces. “Now” and “then” tightly dance
with childhood’s  fire  till become together
the last soldier of the flame.


“I wanna go home”,
the answer she whispers  too walls
while watches  the memories box
looking for her lost story inside.
Abandoned in silence, she steps
Backwards  in  peculiar sand.


“I wanna go home”
are crying minutes of hope
that  danced with faith and fall
behind of nights, behind of doors.
Another sweet dream may come to swing
the sadness.  Or find the way to home.


To Sylvia, who is looking for her way back to home while is aging abandoned in a care home by her loved ones.