It’s snowing




It’s snowing the winter through mind
And whitening matters apart.
The whispers of wind fall behind
While light shines the bliss in my heart.

The tales are in dance to the moon
To bring magic fairies to sphere.
Yet singing with force yearning’s tune
While sunlight its sparkling may dare. 

It’s snowing with warmth over ways
Embracing the struggle with peace.
A marvellous season lights days
While shaping its white masterpiece. 

@Simona Prilogan, 10/01/2018, Nottingham



Remember me


“Remember me while birds don’t  fly
And darkness is touching the heart
With wings which are covering sky.
Just night and its shadows to act.

Remember me while things get wrong
And deeper the sadness may thrust,
When whispers are singing their song
Apart on the cheerlessness dust.

Remember me closing your eyes
And see with your heart over edge.
I’m here setting fires on skies
To spark all the wishes and pledge.

Remember me feeling the dream!”
The Hope whispers calmness and peace
Embracing my thoughts with its mean
And lightening life to release.

@Simona Prilogan, 09/01/2018, Nottingham



Blue dream

Pouring blue drops in my heart
From the heaven with peace to have faith.
Yet embracing the shadows apart
On the tales which blued their wraith.

Raining sapphires over moon
From the sagas with wisdom to trust
And to spark all my hope to the tune.
Bright horizon blued on just. 

Speaking the blue to my dream
From the sphere on my vision to gleam.

@Simona Prilogan, 09/01/2018, Nottingham


With one smile you can kiss a soul


Little boy found hard to cope it
All the struggle strangled his dream.
Looking forward to a mean
To embrace his thoughts to zenith.

Thinking more and more about
A deporting soul from life
May comfort his dusky strife
With the light which fires out.

Dawn just coming to rephrase
Other day with others plans
Other dreams may rise and hands
Are all crossing on the ways.

Little boy just looking down
While his blue just got no light,
Coldness claws his soul and night
Is still snatching hope and drown.

Life still sings its song but sad
On his heart while stepping doors
Fighting bad, denying wars
While the light can’t reach the add.

But that dawn just shifted the owl
Which staled the dreams and while
A girl glanced at him with smiles
Brought him back from thousands miles
To the peace and light comfort.
Just few smiles saved all his life.
With one smile you can kiss a soul.

@Simona Prilogan, 05/01/2018, Nottingham

Winter light 2.jpg



Buffing the soul


Desire for trust 
while life is a must
And days roll on grey
ideas to sky.
When soul is expecting
the yearning to fly
I’m catching the eye
of hope-butterfly.

I’m painting my hall 
while buffing the soul.
Just wisdom and peace. 
Great love to increase
And never to cry.

@Simona Prilogan, 31/12/2017, Nottingham



Wrapping my dreams


I wrapped all the dreams so close to my mind
while wind blew the chances apart on the crest.
I called them to come by whispers and find
the one part of me who strive to the best.

I made up the work till grace braced the days
and wonders through nights brought stars on my sky.
With angels I’ve sung the peace to rephrace
the quarter of mine through which I could fly.

I’ve found on the ground myself looking up
to heavenly bodies and strained for the light
while shadows of grey were having their cup
apart on the tales which twirled all fight.

I wrapped all the dreams so close to my heart
while sphere is great shelter and made me its part.


@Simona Prilogan, 31/12/2017, Nottingham



If Santa was Real

Santa Claus 1

If Santa was real, I would ask him to bring people closer to each other and make this globe peaceful.

If Santa was real, I would beg him to remove sorrows of the humans and enlighten their souls with joy.

If Santa was real, I would ask him for the gift of love, and kindness among people of  all races and religions.

If Santa was real, I would ask him for the of sense of care and safety  in us for our mother nature.

I wholeheartedly wish that the Santa was real!


Merry Christmas, wherever you are! 🙂 

This day’s thought – Harmonize

Sound… This word conveys to a specified impression when heard. A beautiful world could display ahead.  It’s already known by centuries that the Sound heals and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit.   The  Word is considered the most powerful force given to the humanity.  It could be used to build up the encouragement and bring the peace of mind. Or it could bring down the tears of despairs.  The Word itself has the power and the energy to heal, to help, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate.

Words carry inestimable importance. The Universe has been created by word.

We could create our universe in daily basis through our mindfulness, through our words. Paying attention to our speech while bringing the peace and love around us. It’s on our power to deal with this. Our words could paint with rays of love the days or could poison the nights. The mind’s nights. Someone told me these days that has been told by his childhood  on a daily basis through media, to hate the foreigners from his country. Later in the years his mind refused to take anymore this word of hating, understanding that we all are humans, we all are the same race. Converted the toxin of hating to a shining peacefulness.  Daily he brings now  in his speech the ray of love.  The Word changes definitely his setting of mind.  Today he is a Peace Ambassador for the people around him.  This kind of people could be met everywhere around us.

Bring your own peace and mindfulness through your words!  Build the beautiful World by your speech.  Harmonize your body, spirit and mind within the power of the Sound!



Deepest dream

Behind of smiling flowers, behind of lights of stars
I saw on other worldliness the bridge up to my peace.
I’m still behind of shadows and write in other books
A long poem to Life while dancing with my tears.
While running in the darkness in winter’s nights to reach
The whole embrace of mornings and giving up the scream
Of all the painful hours, still looking to my bridge,
I dare myself, while singing and live the deepest    dream!
While heavy rain is falling in all my winter days,
While singing with a faker which just broke out my faith,
I dare myself to walk through hope’s and mornings rays
Ahead of lately hours, to catch the dream onset.




In thousands miles of thoughts I’ve walked
To meet the joy, the laugh, the cry
To reach the sense of world. But why
All definitions kept me blocked?

In thousands miles of dreams I’ve burnt
In rumble, silence of my heart
To reach the peace, to find my grant,
On my own way, on my own sand.

The deepest  sense of life still looking
To eyes of wondering, grave, wee,
It taught  in  time The Smile is Me,
The answer of my walk and dreaming.

@Simona Prilogan