Rebirth 1

That evening dragged down my sense
Till to the edge of despair,
Since there was nothing to pair
Flame of the hope on my glance,
Darkness embraced hard the square. 

Blood pouring pain to the ground,
Nerves staring eyes on the cries
Crimes pushing down over flies,
Seeking my mother around,
Yet sounds of death furrow skies. 

That evening shifted the lights
To the peculiar row
Spacing my thoughts on their flow
Breathing through grave over nights.
Silence, just silence to know.

Spring on its way to the Earth
Brought wings of angels to touch
Spark of the soul lost too much 
Warring the hope. A rebirth
Shined through the light as nonesuch. 

Birds brought the songs to the mind,
Flowers were blooming with smile
Hope hugged my faith, yet a while
Candles of love flare remind
Of freedom which leads us to life. 

@Simona Prilogan, 16/02/2018, Nottingham

Hope 1

Right cosy ways

Light 1

Don’t ever wail over the lies,
Stars spark on nights brightening skies.
Hearts always find right cosy ways
Getting the truth, daring to raise.

@Simona Prilogan, 11/01/2018, Nottingham



I’m dreaming


An elegant sight I’m dreaming and might
The colors of day will bring it to light.
With shadows to play in mirrors away
The magical eyes do marvel the way.

A spot to create I’m dreaming and wait
To catch silver moons while sparking so great.
To paint all the dawns with joy and with peace
And craft shields of nights into masterpiece.

I’m dreaming to light my darkness to bright,
To tear fears apart till get morning right.

@Simona Prilogan,  1/01/2018, Nottingham





Peculiar time tac-tic and rebound
It’s beating so hard on windows’ courage.
I see butterflies how circle surround
while dancing my will till upon the ridge.

Peculiar mind it’s stretching my sway
till lights will embrace what fear left alone.
But asking for force to shine through the way.
I see butterflies which grace shape on stone.

Peculiar thoughts just call me through nights
while snow it’s casting fairy tales till the sky,
with magic and beauty to catch all the sights.
It’s Winter, the marvel which butter me fly.


@Simona Prilogan, 27/12/2017, Nottingham


My very dear Winter


My very dear Winter,
Let all the stars to shine,
Inside my  burning hummer
Through all the blackened nights.

You could recall the fire
From all the missing lines
While dancing with a flier
Behind of mirror’s  times.

On eyes of snowing, running
The wish, the step, the mind,
I paint you as  my saving
And loving angel, kind.

And even if the hours
Scream too aloud on days,
My very dear Winter,
Hug all my wildest ways.







In response to The Daily Post – Photo Challenge, Serene

The Heart of My Thoughts



Are beating on nights and stepping through feeling
ideas while dancing with autumn. But singing 
the same oldest song which got space to cross
through borders and walls till heart of my thoughts. 

Are beating on dawns and hugging the light
sweet callings of love while white deep and might
become one with time, great pastel on spots,
which spark from my eyes till heart of my thoughts. 

The beauty and kindness are kissing the earth 
while wishes are flying to get what is worth,
my shy smile is blooming and brings others lots
which caress and embrace the heart of my thoughts. 






Deepest dream

Behind of smiling flowers, behind of lights of stars
I saw on other worldliness the bridge up to my peace.
I’m still behind of shadows and write in other books
A long poem to Life while dancing with my tears.
While running in the darkness in winter’s nights to reach
The whole embrace of mornings and giving up the scream
Of all the painful hours, still looking to my bridge,
I dare myself, while singing and live the deepest    dream!
While heavy rain is falling in all my winter days,
While singing with a faker which just broke out my faith,
I dare myself to walk through hope’s and mornings rays
Ahead of lately hours, to catch the dream onset.

The square of my time

I’m walking embraced by thoughts
Which call all the light through the sky.
I’m praying behind of my nights
When nothing goes on in my try.
I’m writing long letters to God
To bring piece of light on my heart.
While walking embracing the mind
Alone on the square of my time.
Still knocking to doors with no answer
It’s getting too cold on my way.
While Winter became a wild dancer
I’m waiting for Light on my pray.

The queue


Today we will stay in the queue
while embassy’s staff count on rules,
while nothing just plays to the roof
and brings up the hope to the blue. 

Today we will make up the queue.
Just six will be  allowed to breathe
each day, no more space, even seethe.
Just follow the nights till get to. 

Today we will spark In the queue.
The timing is beating with luck
while running the race over dark
will embassy’s door welcome through.

Today we may count in the queue
the hours we struggled for rights
while nobody cared for the lights
which faded and got people screw. 

Today  we  will seat  over queue 
while questions become rude to us, 
and love is accused being cuss
because dared and no borders drew. 

@Simona Prilogan


Spinning around


Behind of dreaming hour,
Ahead of cutting time,
I left to flow its river
And running into mine.

Behind of flaming smash
Ahead of thousands thoughts
I burnt out to the crash
The silence through the nights.

And still ahead of stepping
Into the future mind,
I’m wandering and spinning
Around of time, and shine.