Hug me


Hug me while cold nights surround
And doubts are the dinner for us,
Apart on the stories rebound
Of what we were striving to pass. 

Hug me while hours flow hard
Still answering questions in mind
Yet rays of the light might regard
All ours emotions behind. 

Hug me while snowing the tales
Through winters and marvel array
Will write other stories’ detailes
Which spark our love on the way. 

Hug me and nights turn on gleam
With moon smiling over the sky,
With dawns which are catching the dream
Of having each other through fly.

@Simona Prilogan, 21/01/2018, Nottingham


It’s snowing




It’s snowing the winter through mind
And whitening matters apart.
The whispers of wind fall behind
While light shines the bliss in my heart.

The tales are in dance to the moon
To bring magic fairies to sphere.
Yet singing with force yearning’s tune
While sunlight its sparkling may dare. 

It’s snowing with warmth over ways
Embracing the struggle with peace.
A marvellous season lights days
While shaping its white masterpiece. 

@Simona Prilogan, 10/01/2018, Nottingham



This day’s thought – Harmonize

Sound… This word conveys to a specified impression when heard. A beautiful world could display ahead.  It’s already known by centuries that the Sound heals and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit.   The  Word is considered the most powerful force given to the humanity.  It could be used to build up the encouragement and bring the peace of mind. Or it could bring down the tears of despairs.  The Word itself has the power and the energy to heal, to help, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate.

Words carry inestimable importance. The Universe has been created by word.

We could create our universe in daily basis through our mindfulness, through our words. Paying attention to our speech while bringing the peace and love around us. It’s on our power to deal with this. Our words could paint with rays of love the days or could poison the nights. The mind’s nights. Someone told me these days that has been told by his childhood  on a daily basis through media, to hate the foreigners from his country. Later in the years his mind refused to take anymore this word of hating, understanding that we all are humans, we all are the same race. Converted the toxin of hating to a shining peacefulness.  Daily he brings now  in his speech the ray of love.  The Word changes definitely his setting of mind.  Today he is a Peace Ambassador for the people around him.  This kind of people could be met everywhere around us.

Bring your own peace and mindfulness through your words!  Build the beautiful World by your speech.  Harmonize your body, spirit and mind within the power of the Sound!



The square of my time

I’m walking embraced by thoughts
Which call all the light through the sky.
I’m praying behind of my nights
When nothing goes on in my try.
I’m writing long letters to God
To bring piece of light on my heart.
While walking embracing the mind
Alone on the square of my time.
Still knocking to doors with no answer
It’s getting too cold on my way.
While Winter became a wild dancer
I’m waiting for Light on my pray.

New Horizon

Is Winter, is cold and is rain,

Through all our feelings. And nights

Are  coming to paint all the same 

With shadows, by sparks moon on lights. 

Nottinghamshire, UK

Is question, is mind and is hope

Through all our thinking about.

Embracing the faith tight and cope

With life’s answers given to doubt.  

Nottingham , UK

While digging the silence  and mind

I’m striving to see  eyes of truth.

I’m watching through space and regard

All mornings, fountains of   the  youth. 

Dubai, Arab Emirates


Bucharest, Romania



Derby, UK


Deva, Romania



I’m stepping



London, UK


I’m stepping to play on my game,

While world from outside answers mind,

Through evenings I’m grabbing the frame

Of questions which hard tie me blind. 

Hunza Valley , Pakistan


I’m stepping to act on my dreams,

According to plan, worth desired.

The lights from inside caught my fears,

The shadows are playing so wired. 

Nottingham, UK

I’m stepping  to sit on my table, 

While questions are  digging   my  space

Nor nothing, or all these, together, 

Embrace  me with peace and relax. 

London, UK


Sense of peace



Apart on a tale, weightless rising up

Where angels are dancing on lightly cloud

No fear, no cry, just tying the snap

And running so peacefully through the crowd.