Pursuing the dreams

Blue dream

It’s not lost on me the moment I saw
With my dreaming eyes the steps to the lust
For shadowing hope, while vision may draw
With magic of colors the wish on the trust.

Pursuing the marvel, holding the light
Which flames on the nights and wandering days
I’ve crossed the years still looking for sight
Of wisdom’s deep meaning gracing the ways.

For days which are coming with new special dawns
I’m speaking my heart just upon the love.
I’m praying on ways for grace, while icons
Of truth and of wisdom are raising above.  

@Simona Prilogan, 14/01/2018, Nottingham


Let’s write our stories


Let’s write our stories together
While snowflakes are dancing in sky
And fairies are catching on fly
The marvel to keep it forever. 

Let’s write our stories together
While kissing the earth calls the right
To spark its candor till the light
Embraces all the souls in cold weather.

Let’s write our stories and share them
With Winter’s eyes catching the blue
While striving for dreams to come true
And picturing delight till the hem.

@Simona Prilogan, 06/01/2018, Nottingham




Raining pouring tears and fears
Calling times in memories.
Winter cold and darkness deep
Play with light while try to keep
Sun to temperate the days.
Hope to bright with its warm rays.

Stepping mind on my way home
See the coldness walks alone
Through the vision magic place
Seeking kind smile to embrace
From the snowflakes magic dance.
Mellow smile on Winter own.

Raining just became a dance
Of the magic with snowflakes.
Radiate the light and shine
Warming souls till up the line
Of a marvel to embrace.
Smiling Sun comforts the place.

@Simona Prilogan, 05/01/2018, Nottingham






Peculiar time tac-tic and rebound
It’s beating so hard on windows’ courage.
I see butterflies how circle surround
while dancing my will till upon the ridge.

Peculiar mind it’s stretching my sway
till lights will embrace what fear left alone.
But asking for force to shine through the way.
I see butterflies which grace shape on stone.

Peculiar thoughts just call me through nights
while snow it’s casting fairy tales till the sky,
with magic and beauty to catch all the sights.
It’s Winter, the marvel which butter me fly.


@Simona Prilogan, 27/12/2017, Nottingham