When shadows just dance above on my sky
Yet painting my shame with secrets to hold
No colours on sights, no trust to rely
On matters which left my thought’s rooms so cold,
When struggle became desire to flame
The dark feelings out and shaping new name,
Your hands I may need surrounding my own
Just as there is here while weakness might prone
To fields of the dumb fear shaking my shirt.
I need you to listen my unspoken hurt. 

Sunshine is healing through your kindness’ sight
Yet asking not why, just giving the chance 
Of new mornings which rephrase the old fight 
On friendship’s warm hands and love’s peaceful glance. 

@Simona Prilogan, 02/02/2018, Nottingham

Friendship 1

It’s Light celebration today



She packed in the boxes all Hope
while tears washed the battle of soul;
a new dawn is struggling to cope
what fear left for mornings. A whole
of sadness behind of her stole.

She packed all her hurt remembrance
with valleys which tore up the light,
with shadows denying essence
of truth wandering in the night,
while honor subsided from the right.

It’s only her mind, but still more
the borders enclosed the trust
in eyes of despair and the sore.
Today all the packs take the just
to shelter the heart from the dust.

It’s only her thinking about
When nights put sad hours to stray
since nothing was happy and out
the sky got apart from her way.
…It’s Light celebration today.

She packed all the wishes, yet doves
are bringing the peace through the skies,
while rain drives the Love from above
and sprays all the world from her eyes.
…A war from inside fades and dies.

Source photos: Google Images