It’s Light celebration today



She packed in the boxes all Hope
while tears washed the battle of soul;
a new dawn is struggling to cope
what fear left for mornings. A whole
of sadness behind of her stole.

She packed all her hurt remembrance
with valleys which tore up the light,
with shadows denying essence
of truth wandering in the night,
while honor subsided from the right.

It’s only her mind, but still more
the borders enclosed the trust
in eyes of despair and the sore.
Today all the packs take the just
to shelter the heart from the dust.

It’s only her thinking about
When nights put sad hours to stray
since nothing was happy and out
the sky got apart from her way.
…It’s Light celebration today.

She packed all the wishes, yet doves
are bringing the peace through the skies,
while rain drives the Love from above
and sprays all the world from her eyes.
…A war from inside fades and dies.

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Being cheerful in hard times – I


We, Romanians have a saying: be cheerful in hard times ( “a face haz de necaz”). In a way it’s part of our structure. In more ways even it’s part of my structure too. I would rather give a long laugh to any trouble. But sometimes I would scream a long crying out too. This last sentence highlighted quite more in the last 3 years… When a different adventure has started…

I have fallen in love. It happens in a normal way to all humans… It’s a great feeling and is worth it. The story of my love is quite interesting and many friends who know already about it encouraged me to write a book which could inspire others.

One day definitely I will start writing my own novel.  Not sure only if to inspire, even I want to bring as much hope as possible, but to make aware regarding some issues of our reality.  Till then I just walk through the whole path of immigration procedures, witnessing a Brexit which impacts vital aspects of our lives. Till then I just write my lines here, trying to point out peaks and valleys, while bullying and racism are still alive and are embracing each other in a stand against foreigners.

The great part is still by my side: my husband finally joined me in UK, about 7 month ago, after a long wait for family reunion ( 1 year and 7 months).  The sad part is written by procedures of a Home Office, which plays with people feelings and lives. The nightmare seems still carry on.

The other good part is that I love a lot my job. I am a Radiographer and I enjoy my work. The other sad part is the uncertainty of the new regulations regarding foreigners once Brexit will happen.

One great part takes place in our house too. My husband usually cooks for us delicious dinners. Enjoying them with a glass of wine sometimes, but all the time with a cheerful smile on our faces. Cause at the end of the day, we are still alive, we are together, we are happy.

Keep going for your dreams. While there is life, there is hope!



My Dear October

My Dear October, you will be full of Dreams

which spark on the nights through mirth of the angels.

With joy and with hope I’m dancing the waltz 

of leaving and getting the treasures of times.  



My Dear October, you will make up my ons

while nostalgic embrace my  memories back

but tying the tales through your foggy dawns 

and eyes of surrender are catching your snaps.


My Dear October, you will be full of hope

and joy, while my waltz could become so much sober

Through colors and music I’m catching the rope

while dear to me will remain, my October. 



“Grey Dawn” – Tonight

“Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history” – Plato

I am happy to be part of  Grey Dawn”, a new poetry anthology from All Poetry.


Tonight I’ll write  to you on sand
And wait for the wind to arrive
While counting the stars to the end
Of what I was used to strive.

Tonight I will sing with the moon
When both we will look for the light
And catching  the sadness too soon
Just running for nothing through night.

Tonight I will miss all my space
Once more as I did it before.
While tears wash the hope from my face
I’m dancing with  silence to shore.



Shelter my heart


Shelter my heart with your smile,

Let rays of the hope meet the dove.

No years which matters are force

But light radiating through love.


Shelter my heart with your peace

While  climbing mountains to the top

The path might spread out and release

The calmness embracing the hope. 


New Horizon

Is Winter, is cold and is rain,

Through all our feelings. And nights

Are  coming to paint all the same 

With shadows, by sparks moon on lights. 

Nottinghamshire, UK

Is question, is mind and is hope

Through all our thinking about.

Embracing the faith tight and cope

With life’s answers given to doubt.  

Nottingham , UK

While digging the silence  and mind

I’m striving to see  eyes of truth.

I’m watching through space and regard

All mornings, fountains of   the  youth. 

Dubai, Arab Emirates


Bucharest, Romania



Derby, UK


Deva, Romania



She murderer


Motto: ” A kingdom founded in injustice never lasts.” – Seneca

You know how you murdered Light
When covered Truth with the Lies,
When shouted the door through the night
Where all your kings  are kidnapping  the chance.

You know how you murdered Hope
When crushed the time, laughing  loud
To all your kings who power will drop
For more crimes once they will you  applaud.

You know how you murdered Soul
And then  gladly danced with your rulers.
They will treasure  your criminal hand
And wrap you on golden  status much  cooler.

You know how you murdered Sun
The clocks are beating on peculiar  times.
While left on your  back just darkness and cry
You happy rejoice the dust  of  your crimes.

You know how the history still reinvents
In sad memories, in damn injustice.
The same monsters laughing and seem to be deaf
To all the emotions, the love and the peace.

Too much blind after murdered all,
You only will have just to your  world left alive.
No Light, No Hope, No Soul, No Sun. They’re gone
To heal the holocaust  left behind your drive.


Rising above the clouds

Rising about the clouds, when my time messages  me about  abstract eyes of wishing, dreaming, hoping… My favorite one is falling so deep in love with the maths idea… where everything seems to get a logic and everything could dance  on abstract clouds  of think… 

Rising about the clouds when time passes our struggle… feeling like the high mountains which win through the space…out of pressure … free to hug the liberty… 

At the border of ideas I have met myself looking for my liberty…rising about the clouds… at the peeks of my thinking. As the high mountains.


Altitude around 10670 m


Live your beautiful life! 

While there is life, there is hope! 

Weekly photo challenge: Abstract 

My Dear Spring

My Dear Spring, on this night
I kindly ask you save for me a dance.
A dance of hope, of lights or might
Switch them on in thousands ways of chance
My Dear Spring, please  listen to the wind.
It has blown-up the wishes from my heart.
I run my race through space but I was finding
Eventually I felt from stars apart.
My Dear Spring, in this night
I kindly ask you save for me a dance.
And let the music fall in love so blind
With my hope eyes, with my soul glance.

Silence’s Rhythm



Today I have got my breathing

So deeply in my thoughts

Apart from  all   the smoothness 

Which run through daily naught. 




Today I’ve danced  with Silence 

So deeply in my mind

Away from  defiance 

Which made my race  so blind. 


 Today I’ve seen  the angels

Who light my inner peace

While singing with archangels

And shine through silence’s piece.  


Step out will bring Tomorrow 

Still looking for the path.

Through Laugh, and Hope, and Sorrow

I’m praying in my faith. 


“In words are seen the state of mind and character and disposition of the speaker.”