Rebirth 1

That evening dragged down my sense
Till to the edge of despair,
Since there was nothing to pair
Flame of the hope on my glance,
Darkness embraced hard the square. 

Blood pouring pain to the ground,
Nerves staring eyes on the cries
Crimes pushing down over flies,
Seeking my mother around,
Yet sounds of death furrow skies. 

That evening shifted the lights
To the peculiar row
Spacing my thoughts on their flow
Breathing through grave over nights.
Silence, just silence to know.

Spring on its way to the Earth
Brought wings of angels to touch
Spark of the soul lost too much 
Warring the hope. A rebirth
Shined through the light as nonesuch. 

Birds brought the songs to the mind,
Flowers were blooming with smile
Hope hugged my faith, yet a while
Candles of love flare remind
Of freedom which leads us to life. 

@Simona Prilogan, 16/02/2018, Nottingham

Hope 1


Hunza 10

Wish I get the flowers of my willing dreams
Yet sadness sustains powerfully its means. 
Borders rule emotions, souls may fall apart,
Shadowing the hope, stars could miss their spark.
Pain gets tears to sky while may judge the chart
Of the acts which trouble wishes to the dark.

@Simona Prilogan, 07/02/2018, Nottingham



Pouring the Rain


Pouring the rain over the lane
Walking the same path to the train
Of my deep thoughts which all may drive
Blue of the days into the rise.
Keeping the game staying alive.
Smiling with force, letting behind. 

Falling the drop over the hope
Washing instead what fears did
Over the skies catching in flies
Doubts wings to rid, yet may forbid
Blinding past eyes shaping the cries.
Yearning my hope, breaking the rope. 

My thoughts in dance sparking their glance,
Pouring the rain washing my lane. 

@Simona Prilogan, 31/01/2018, Nottingham 

Rivers of dreams

Rivers of dreams

There run through the time
The rivers of dreams,
While looking to shine 
My senses and mean. 

There flew through the space 
Nice smiles from the hope, 
While looking for grace
Of wisdom to cope. 

There comes in the mind
Bouquet of the choices
Which ask for a kind
Of following voices.

Today may I count 
Just what should remember
While jumping the bound
And dreaming forever.

@Simona Prilogan, 25/01/2018, Nottingham


… it’s windy…

Blue dream

… it’s windy and I will make a nice excuse: Today it’s without hats…Today it’s all about feeling free.
Mixing bouquets of ideas in my whole universe… But it’s the clock of reality that sounds so cruel in the cold morning and reminds me that I must catch the bus in time for handover.

… now when I was just modeling beautiful dreams… I have washed my sleepy eyes with the water of life and run away in the field hoping that dreams will carry on their line… and through medication charts I find myself telling bright words and catching for some moments the beauty of a soul; flaming the joy of it. It’s the most beautiful gift today, the spark of a dream which seems is returning to life, and the smile of a troubled soul who speaks unwanted words. An entire world stretches between our moments. People and souls. Smile with tears. Pain and joy… A life beyond limits and prejudices.
The stories are many, and always sad, they often sneak up a humorous light, that gaunt haze that breaks out like a hot lava from the deep meaning of existence. Support that balances the infiltration of reality… We always talk about desires. About these for today. About the future. The universe is moved by will. To want. To hope. To be…

… The crying eyes of the mother who still hopes for a painless day for her baby.

… The young man who assures his wife that he will be home shortly… And the tear thirsts her with the warmth of the words spoken so kindly… while his the body is affected by metastasis…

… there is plenty of life’s will around, with tears and joy… Tales weighed in time. With memories that peculiar hours have made them more and more full of charm.

… it’s windy today… and silence squeezes through smiles and dreams. And the flight of wind is still in the world of imagination, where all the pains end and happiness dances on the golden bulbs of hope…


Remember me


“Remember me while birds don’t  fly
And darkness is touching the heart
With wings which are covering sky.
Just night and its shadows to act.

Remember me while things get wrong
And deeper the sadness may thrust,
When whispers are singing their song
Apart on the cheerlessness dust.

Remember me closing your eyes
And see with your heart over edge.
I’m here setting fires on skies
To spark all the wishes and pledge.

Remember me feeling the dream!”
The Hope whispers calmness and peace
Embracing my thoughts with its mean
And lightening life to release.

@Simona Prilogan, 09/01/2018, Nottingham



Blue dream

Pouring blue drops in my heart
From the heaven with peace to have faith.
Yet embracing the shadows apart
On the tales which blued their wraith.

Raining sapphires over moon
From the sagas with wisdom to trust
And to spark all my hope to the tune.
Bright horizon blued on just. 

Speaking the blue to my dream
From the sphere on my vision to gleam.

@Simona Prilogan, 09/01/2018, Nottingham


I sit at the edge


I sit at the edge of the dark
Where fears are heading eyes up
And wildness is swilling its cup
Yet gathering despair to mark
Empires of sadness and tears.
I sit at the edge of their bark.

I sit at the marge of the dark
Where magic of night covers sky
With beautiful stars, charming spark
And music of angels grows high
While dancing with light through the fears.
I sit at their edge stopping tears.

The shadows embrace me with love
Through darkness the stars glow so bright.
I sit and their silvered dove
Hope brings on my heart, faith and light.

@Simona Prilogan, 08/01/2018, Nottingham




Raining pouring tears and fears
Calling times in memories.
Winter cold and darkness deep
Play with light while try to keep
Sun to temperate the days.
Hope to bright with its warm rays.

Stepping mind on my way home
See the coldness walks alone
Through the vision magic place
Seeking kind smile to embrace
From the snowflakes magic dance.
Mellow smile on Winter own.

Raining just became a dance
Of the magic with snowflakes.
Radiate the light and shine
Warming souls till up the line
Of a marvel to embrace.
Smiling Sun comforts the place.

@Simona Prilogan, 05/01/2018, Nottingham



Snowing the tales

Snowing the tales

Snowing the tales – January,
Wrapped in my dreams kindling bliss
From all the sky and promise
Glowing the majestic fairy.

Snowing the sagas while whispers
Wind over time and my thoughts.
Nothing undone, gaining lots
Of beautiful stars on my winter.

Snowing the hope over mind,
Mornings are playing with light.
Faith steps serene through the night
Welcoming peace fervid, kind.

Snowing the tales – January
Letting the magic to be…

@Simona Prilogan, 1/01/2018, Nottingham