5 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy & Young

mint tea
Health and fitness is a blessing and everyone around us likes to look good and stay healthy. This desire can be achieved by following some simple and easy steps which seem to be effective over the course of time.
1. Release the Stress
Study shows that stress causes changes and it also speedsup the aging activity in human body. The best thing to overcome stress is giving oursleves a break from the daily life stress by listening to some relxing music, having a conversation with a friend or a family member, or meditate for about 15 minutes every day.
2. Consume Fruits and Vegetables
Natural elements in fresh vegetables and fruits help human body stay healthy and look younger. Green vegetables specially help improve digestive system and it strenghthens the process of metabolism. More consumptio of fruits ans vegetables help glow skin, and
works as a vital anti-aging agent.
3. Sip Green Tea
Green tea is being used in China for centuries not only to stay healthy and but also to cure normal cold and fever due to it’s multiple properties. It also help burn fat and lose weight.
4. Walk Daily
Daily exercise and walk not only keeps our body fit, tone muscles and refreshes mood but it can also help us keep our mind fresh and
think clear. Many physicians think that walking just for 10 minutes on daily basis lower the risk of Alzheimer’s by 40 percent.
5. Feel the love
Sensation of love and being loved is a great factor to stay fresh and it has been proved that people in loving relationships look bright and younger. Loving touches and embraces produce hormones which not only reduce anxiety and fatigue but it also strengthens immune system.
Fruits Veges
Daily walk
Live your beautiful life!
While there is life, there is hope! ­čÖé┬á

Green Tea – My mean



Greetings coming from its point,
Raising smiles over the time,
Eager plays under the rhymes.
Energy sparks every joint,
Naturally gets sublime.

Tea might run in cup of heart
Early mornings to outpoint
Algorithms which play the card.

Me and cup of tea, my green.
Days becoming kind to mean.