Pursuing the dreams

Blue dream

It’s not lost on me the moment I saw
With my dreaming eyes the steps to the lust
For shadowing hope, while vision may draw
With magic of colors the wish on the trust.

Pursuing the marvel, holding the light
Which flames on the nights and wandering days
I’ve crossed the years still looking for sight
Of wisdom’s deep meaning gracing the ways.

For days which are coming with new special dawns
I’m speaking my heart just upon the love.
I’m praying on ways for grace, while icons
Of truth and of wisdom are raising above.  

@Simona Prilogan, 14/01/2018, Nottingham


I’m dreaming


An elegant sight I’m dreaming and might
The colors of day will bring it to light.
With shadows to play in mirrors away
The magical eyes do marvel the way.

A spot to create I’m dreaming and wait
To catch silver moons while sparking so great.
To paint all the dawns with joy and with peace
And craft shields of nights into masterpiece.

I’m dreaming to light my darkness to bright,
To tear fears apart till get morning right.

@Simona Prilogan,  1/01/2018, Nottingham


The Heart of My Thoughts



Are beating on nights and stepping through feeling
ideas while dancing with autumn. But singing 
the same oldest song which got space to cross
through borders and walls till heart of my thoughts. 

Are beating on dawns and hugging the light
sweet callings of love while white deep and might
become one with time, great pastel on spots,
which spark from my eyes till heart of my thoughts. 

The beauty and kindness are kissing the earth 
while wishes are flying to get what is worth,
my shy smile is blooming and brings others lots
which caress and embrace the heart of my thoughts.