I sit at the edge


I sit at the edge of the dark
Where fears are heading eyes up
And wildness is swilling its cup
Yet gathering despair to mark
Empires of sadness and tears.
I sit at the edge of their bark.

I sit at the marge of the dark
Where magic of night covers sky
With beautiful stars, charming spark
And music of angels grows high
While dancing with light through the fears.
I sit at their edge stopping tears.

The shadows embrace me with love
Through darkness the stars glow so bright.
I sit and their silvered dove
Hope brings on my heart, faith and light.

@Simona Prilogan, 08/01/2018, Nottingham


Wrapping my dreams


I wrapped all the dreams so close to my mind
while wind blew the chances apart on the crest.
I called them to come by whispers and find
the one part of me who strive to the best.

I made up the work till grace braced the days
and wonders through nights brought stars on my sky.
With angels I’ve sung the peace to rephrace
the quarter of mine through which I could fly.

I’ve found on the ground myself looking up
to heavenly bodies and strained for the light
while shadows of grey were having their cup
apart on the tales which twirled all fight.

I wrapped all the dreams so close to my heart
while sphere is great shelter and made me its part.


@Simona Prilogan, 31/12/2017, Nottingham



Where Eternity Never Stops


Wishes are too beautiful when the clock is right.
Wishes can get weird when it’s needed to stand in a fight.

The beautiful ones are those when we wish the world to be a floral bed, and we like to reach the stars.
The weird ones are those when we get tired of materialism and we wish to hide our scars.

We dream about so many things that come in our way to stop, some push us up a little high to the sky.
Then we wish an angel to ask us “what’s the wish of your heart” so that we can fly.

I would then wish to be sent to the destiny where the reality matters more and the infinity is in grasp.
My wish would to be to walk a long way, up and down the hills where the eternity never stops.


Life’s Waltz

I  woke up that morning and saw
on other peculiar seconds
how dreams were dancing on floor.

They told to the walls to break away
while stars were embracing the game
and showed me the magical way.

In whispers I got kindly  charm
From all the wishes I thought
I lost them while passing the road.

I woke up that morning and felt like
a part of my heart has been hugged
In a dance of the grace with the angels.

Still shy and still looking for light
I stepped to follow my heart on that dance,
embracing the time, embracing the space.

I woke up that morning and now
We still are on dance with the stars
which color the tales like the fairies.

Three steps for a dream to become,
Three steps for the power to be,
I follow my heart on life’s waltz.

I woke up that morning to Me.



“My only solace”

My only solace are my tales
That wind brought to me in my dreams.
It drew pretty smiles on my face
And dug it so deep through the means.
My only solace are my tales
Which call me to reach on the night
The beauty of stars, the rhythm of the dance
Of angels while singing behind of the sight.
My only solace are my tales
That asked me embracing the light.
While faith overcoming the power of fake
Regard me on mornings and hug me so tight.


( https://simonaprill.com/2015/02/25/my-only-solace-2/ )








Live your beautiful life! 

While there is life, there is hope! 

Weekly photo challenge: Abstract

Silence’s Rhythm



Today I have got my breathing

So deeply in my thoughts

Apart from  all   the smoothness 

Which run through daily naught. 




Today I’ve danced  with Silence 

So deeply in my mind

Away from  defiance 

Which made my race  so blind. 


 Today I’ve seen  the angels

Who light my inner peace

While singing with archangels

And shine through silence’s piece.  


Step out will bring Tomorrow 

Still looking for the path.

Through Laugh, and Hope, and Sorrow

I’m praying in my faith. 


“In words are seen the state of mind and character and disposition of the speaker.”