Cincis Lake’s Mystery


Cincis  is a barrier lake located in Poiana Rusca Mountains in a picturesque area, about 10 kilometers from Hunedoara City .  This  is one of the most entertaining places in Hunedoara County, attracting thousands of tourists  who come here drawn by the beauty and the peacefulness of the location.

It covers an area of 867 hectares and it is located in the hearth of the village with the same name, which dates back to 1300. The village has been rellocated since 1962 to a nearby hill to allow the formation of the barrier lake. When the water level is low, at the end of the dam you can still see the ruins of the former Cincis church, documented in 1360, the church being swallowed by water.


The  legends say that the name of this village ( “cinci” means in Romanian “five”)  comes from the ‘five guys’ who founded the settlement, building five houses here. It also says that the five founders (grandfather, son and three grandchildren) used to be brave fighters who have saved their king from the grasp of the Turks in a battle place called Poiana Turcului. As a result, they received Cincis Region as a reward.

Shortly after flooding area began to start, unexplained phenomena  has happened near the lake. According to locals, sudden storms took place on the surface of the lake; sheep no longer neared the lake, or late at night, spirits of the dead buried in cemeteries, now under water, could be seen. Also, many people have drowned here so the lake came to be called the cursed Lake by locals. 



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Landscape – Pakistan

Our escape in a beautiful day of September meant to travel from Islamabad to Lahore. 

We caught the couch from a very crowded coach station in Islamabad  and had a great time during  the travel.  I remember in that day I have been surprised by so many many things. 

Apart of the fact I was looking through the window to the all landscape which flows in our views, I  was striving to catch the best clicks I could, while the couch run on the road.   In all this time, AB came over with descriptions and short legends and history by the times and places. 
























The river  Jhelum was regarded as a god by the ancient Greeks,  as were most mountains and streams.

The poet  Nonnus in the  Dionysiaca  makes the Hydaspes a titan -descended god, the son of the sea-god  Thaumas  and the cloud-goddess  Elektra . He was the brother of  Iris,  the goddess of the  rainbow,  and half-brother to the  Harpier,  the snatching winds. Since the river is in a country foreign to the ancient Greeks,  it is not clear whether they named the river after the god, or whether the god Hydaspes was named after the river.

 Alexander the Great  and his army crossed the Jhelum in BC 326 at the  Battle of the Hydaspes River  where it is believed that he defeated the Indian king, Porus.







Live your beautiful life! 

While there is life, there is hope! 

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We all smile in the same Language

Last year, in a beautiful Autumn, I have visited for the first time the City of Gardens, Lahore. Me and AB have met our friends, had our lunch together, spending a great time. We all visited some lovely places. Lahore is such a gorgeous city!

Yesterday, Lahore has seen one of the worst terrorist strike.
Our hearts mourn for the victims of Lahore Iqbal Park.
It’s a very sad moment for the humanity, and we need to condemn this brutal attack on innocent people.
May the souls of departed people rest in eternal peace.
Terrorism and Extremism in any form, any where needs to be condemned and discouraged.

We need to stand for the Peace in the World. We all are only One Race, the Human Race!

#PrayForLahore #PrayForHumanity

While there is life, there is hope!

A smile from a child is packaged sunshine and rainbows


“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” – William Arthur Ward

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Am găsit printre -atâtea hârtii rătăcite
Pe rafturi umbroase trecute de vreme
O slovă tăcută dar care sta să mă cheme
Spre alte idei decât cele știute.

Pierdută de timp și de locuri atare
Cu mintea pornit-am spre slova cea veche,
Dar nouă mi-a fost fost și fără pereche
Pentru sufletul meu amorțit de-ntristare.

Și-n timp ce citeam, simțeam cum se duce
Atâta durere și pleacă departe…
Să simț mai apoi cum prin mine străbate
Fiorul iubirii îngenunchiat lângă Cruce.

Învăluită de-un dor nespus pentru pace
Am pus slova-ncet la pieptu-mi…si plâng…
Și-n suflet mi-o leg și-n inimă-o strâng
Când știu că din mine o alta va face…

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Morning rays

Behind  of smiling flowers, behind of lights of stars
I saw on other worldliness the bridge up to my peace.
I’m still behind of shadows and write in other books
A long poem to Life while dancing with my tears.
While running in the darkness in winter’s nights to reach
The whole embrace of mornings and giving up the scream
Of all the painful hours, still looking to my bridge,
I dare myself, while singing to me: let’s have a dream!
While heavy rain is falling in all my winter days,
While singing with a faker which just broke out my faith,
I dare myself to walk through hope’s and mornings rays
Ahead  of lately hours, to catch the dream onset.

Half – Night


I’m walking embraced by thoughts
Which call all the light through the sky.
I’m praying behind of my nights
When nothing goes on in my try.
I’m writing long letters to God
To bring piece of light on my heart.
While walking embracing the mind
Alone on the square of my time.
Still knocking to doors with no answer
It’s getting too cold on my way.
While Winter became a wild dancer
I’m waiting for Light on my pray.



Mai curg din izvoarele lumii ușor picături de viață,
Din stânci necioplite de gânduri un glas parcă tainic vorbește,
Din cerul prea plin de orbite, măiastră o pasăre-nvață
O sfântă predare de sine în care iubirea domnește.

M-arunc în oceanul vieții și simț cum mă prinde o Mână.
Sub tâmple m-apasă povara uitării să-mi dărui iubire.
Pe drumul plecării spre mine o zi nu mai este deplină,
Dar mâna-mi arată străpunsă Cărarea ce-mi dă mântuire.

Din aura păcii preasfinte iubirea lăsat-a-mi o parte;
În suflet tristețea adoarme în noaptea adâncă …si piere…
Iar Mâna-mi întinde din ceruri cu zborul de îngeri o Carte-
Lumină să-mi fie pe cale, și apă, și pâine, și miere!


Tonight( Half- Light)

Tonight I will write you on sand

 And wait for the wind to arrive

While counting the stars to the end

Of what I was used to strive.


Tonight I will  dance with the moon

When both we will look for the light.

When catching the sadness too soon

Just running for nothing through night.


Tonight I will miss all my space

Once more as I did it before.

While tears wash the hope from my face

The silence is cutting the heart even more.


The gift of faith

Success Inspirers World

As I leave for Church now,
I thank God for the gift my faith.
Our faith is not our achievement.
It is God’s achievement through us.
If God does not grant us the grace of faith
We will not have faith.
We will even look at those who have faith
as not being normal.
So, dear friend, if you are blessed with faith in God,
Thank God. It is a wonderful gift.
If you are not, pray to him to bless you
With this great gift.
Keep on praying until he blesses you
With the wonderful gift of faith in him;
For he that has faith in God,
Has everything.

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