Monday’s Math Puzzle

Monday joke

“That awkward moment when you finish a math problem and your answer isn’t even one of the choices.” – Ritu Ghatourey

“If there is a 50-50 chance that something can go wrong, then 9 times out of ten it will.” – Paul Harvey

Happy Monday, wherever you are! 🙂 

Monday Puzzle - Simona

A,B,C of Maths

math 1.jpg

A big circle dared each form, 
gentle handling in jets’ knowledge, 
leveling more numbers of pattern, 
quizzing ratio since the union’s values 
welcomed x-rays yelling zero.

@Simona Prilogan, 14/01/2018, Nottingham

Math 2.jpg


Pursuing the dreams

Blue dream

It’s not lost on me the moment I saw
With my dreaming eyes the steps to the lust
For shadowing hope, while vision may draw
With magic of colors the wish on the trust.

Pursuing the marvel, holding the light
Which flames on the nights and wandering days
I’ve crossed the years still looking for sight
Of wisdom’s deep meaning gracing the ways.

For days which are coming with new special dawns
I’m speaking my heart just upon the love.
I’m praying on ways for grace, while icons
Of truth and of wisdom are raising above.  

@Simona Prilogan, 14/01/2018, Nottingham


Speaking your truth


Out there of the dreams, near at the edge
Of daily routine, feeding the pledge,
Tearing behind the smiling curtain,
Sweating details to get them certain.

Fearing conflicts on culture’s belief,
Hiding yourself from freedom relief. 
Out there of the dreams, look at the light
How goes through the shade, spotting on right. 

Finding the ways while facts spark your flame,
Being yourself with courage, no shame
For feeling the faith through your inner peace.
Speaking your truth, love gets to release. 

@Simona Prilogan, 13/01/2018, Nottingham





“Not good enough” may slash on dreams
Dragging the hope out to absurd
Of all the meaning which it seems
It’s holding back, trust to elude.

“Not good enough” may play the game 
Of wandering through dense pitch-black,
Bringing the doubts to claim on shame
While crawling grails which lost their spark. 

“Not good enough” may catch today
The eyes of passion gleaming trust,
Busting the hope, wishing convey
With confidence to magic “just”.

The shadows hold the light on spots,
It’s all up there of flame relief.
Of what the matter glows on thoughts
To the bright “Just” of the belief. 

@Simona Prilogan, 12/01/2018, Nottingham



Right cosy ways

Light 1

Don’t ever wail over the lies,
Stars spark on nights brightening skies.
Hearts always find right cosy ways
Getting the truth, daring to raise.

@Simona Prilogan, 11/01/2018, Nottingham





No dawns are yet coming to calm my old songs;
They beat on the fires same drums with their wrongs.
Just spotting the panic absurd and insane
While paying dilemmas with hassle to feign
New fret which is coming again and again.

@Simona Prilogan, 10/01/2018, Nottingham




It’s snowing




It’s snowing the winter through mind
And whitening matters apart.
The whispers of wind fall behind
While light shines the bliss in my heart.

The tales are in dance to the moon
To bring magic fairies to sphere.
Yet singing with force yearning’s tune
While sunlight its sparkling may dare. 

It’s snowing with warmth over ways
Embracing the struggle with peace.
A marvellous season lights days
While shaping its white masterpiece. 

@Simona Prilogan, 10/01/2018, Nottingham



Wednesday’s Math Puzzle



“Mathematicians are [like] a sort of Frenchmen; if you talk to them, they translate it  into their own language, and then it is immediately something quite different.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832, German novelist, dramatist,
poet, humanist, and philosopher)

Wednesday math puzzle

“It is easier to square the circle than to get round a mathematician.” – Augustus De Morgan (1806 – 1871, British mathematician and logician)

Happy Wednesday, wherever you are! 🙂