Thursday’s Math Puzzle


“Every good mathematician is at least half a philosopher, and every good philosopher is at least half a mathematician. “- Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege 

“Geometry existed before creation.”  –  Plato

“God forever geometrizes.” – Plato

“Let no one ignorant of geometry enter here.” – inscription above Plato’s Academy

“Wherever there is number, there is beauty.” – Proclus

“There is no royal road to geometry.” –  Euclid


“A man is like a fraction whose numerator is what he is and whose denominator is what he thinks of himself. The larger the denominator, the smaller the fraction.” –  Tolstoy

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Monday’s Math Puzzle



“The ‘Muse’ is not an artistic mystery, but a mathematical equation. The gift are those ideas you think of as you drift to sleep. The giver is that one you think of when you first awake.”  – Roman Payne

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Math Team – Nottingham 

Let’s …maths

Nottingham, UK


“If you are able to solve the problems in MATHS, then you also are  able to solve the problems in your LIFE” (Maths is a great Challenger) –  Vignesh

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Tuesday’s Math Puzzle




Here’s some advice: At a job interview, tell them you’re willing to give 110 percent. Unless the job is a statistician. –  Adam Gropman

-Why didn’t the Romans find algebra very challenging?
-Because X was always 10.


After a talking sheepdog gets all the sheep in the pen, he reports back to the farmer: “All 40 accounted for.”

“But I only have 36 sheep,” says the farmer.

“I know,” says the sheepdog. “But I rounded them up.”

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