Rebirth 1

That evening dragged down my sense
Till to the edge of despair,
Since there was nothing to pair
Flame of the hope on my glance,
Darkness embraced hard the square. 

Blood pouring pain to the ground,
Nerves staring eyes on the cries
Crimes pushing down over flies,
Seeking my mother around,
Yet sounds of death furrow skies. 

That evening shifted the lights
To the peculiar row
Spacing my thoughts on their flow
Breathing through grave over nights.
Silence, just silence to know.

Spring on its way to the Earth
Brought wings of angels to touch
Spark of the soul lost too much 
Warring the hope. A rebirth
Shined through the light as nonesuch. 

Birds brought the songs to the mind,
Flowers were blooming with smile
Hope hugged my faith, yet a while
Candles of love flare remind
Of freedom which leads us to life. 

@Simona Prilogan, 16/02/2018, Nottingham

Hope 1