We sent our original documents to the Home Office and never got them back

Reisepass 01
I am a Romanian citizen, living in Nottingham and currently working as a Healthcare Professional on a permanent contract. I have always been a quiet person, doing my best in all life activities. I have never asked for benefits from anywhere and I am still here because I got the job opportunity and because I love what I am doing.
My husband is a Pakistani citizen, who joined me in UK last year at the end of March. We have been struggling for long time with all the immigration papers, visa refusals, hearing in the court, which led us to highly stressed situation. However, the great thing is that the good came out and finally we are together.
For my husband EU Card application, we had sent our original documents (my ID Card, my husband passport and our marriage certificate) to the Home Office on 14th of August 2017, but never got them back. For some payment details issue, the application has been rejected, so by 2nd of October 2017, they sent us back the original documents by Royal Mail, Special Delivery.
Because for a long period we had not received the letter which Home Office posted out to us by 2nd of October, we contacted the Home Office on 15th of October and found out that the letter had been signed as received by the receptionist in our block ( Cranbrook House).
My husband spoke then to the receptionist, Dave Newton, who confirmed that he got the letter and put it in the mail box for Flat 58. I need to add now that we live at Flat 46, and recently for that time, moved out from 97 because the landlord lost his property in the court. So we had to move definitely. When the application to the Home Office has been made we still lived at 97, but meanwhile we informed Home Office about the changing address. However, the receptionist stated that the letter came on 97 address but he thought we moved at 58, and just put it there. He contacted the gentleman who lived at that flat, who said that he did not get any letter plus he did not collect the mail since 1st of October 2017. The receptionist broke then the mail box at 58, but the letter was not there anymore. So, at this point one of those two gentlemen were lying.
The receptionist sincerely apologised for the mistake. We contacted the Police Station to claim that our document might be lost ( stolen)  but they said can not help with anything at that stage and need to get a confirmation from Home Office showing that the documents were enclosed in envelope. We got in touch with Home Office and it took again a long time till they sent us a copy of the lost letter and they confirmed that our original documents were there. Then we informed again the Police Station at Nottingham and at this point they provided us a confirmation letter of our lost documents.
As well we contacted Royal Mail and asked why the postman gave our letter to someone else. They should not have done that. What does Special Delivery Signed for mean then? However, a representative lady of  Royal Mail said that it was not their fault and only Home Office could claim against them because Home Office was the sender. Ridiculous lady’s affirmation, what do you think?
The next steps to follow were about redoing the lost documents, which was not an easy task. It was ever harder as we speak here about foreign documents. It was even a very expensive one. Expenses which we needed to bear because of some other people negligence.  Expenses which exceeded £1000 plus our stress and wastage of time. Because of this documents’ issue, my husband is still not accepted for any job, which high light even more the feeling of being hardly abused.
 I contacted the Crown Court in Nottingham by email and their answer was: “unfortunately this is not something that we deal with at the Crown Court” and advising me to seek legal advice. Well, for this “legal advice” it’s supposed to pay as I know, but unfortunately, we run out all our money.
Why I am writing today all these? Because:
– I need HELP!!! I need free advice in how I could proceed to have the expenses back. There should be a way for people who are abused in this manner to have a support. It could not be just like this: sending your documents and never getting them back. The person who stole our documents should pay for it.
– I want to make the public aware of all this messy situation. Royal Mail should consider carefully when documents are sent by Special Delivery Signed For and not give them to anyone else. Under any circumstances! The letters should be given only to the receiver!