“Haiku Poems” – Ashi Akira



Written so elegantly, with powerful imaginary, the poems of Ashi Akira make you feel in love  with the Beauty of  Nature from the first reading. On his Haiku Poems , Ashi  brings to the readers the nature spectacle seen by a very sensitive eye and mind. And all of this work compressed in a five-seven-five syllables which create such amazing visualization of the words.

The book collection of 496 Haiku Poems is a great gift made by Ashi Akira to the world.  Beauty, grace, love, purity, peace, all are so amazing painted by Ashi’s pen in  a personalized and sensitive nature’s grand sight.

Thank you, AshiAkira for sharing with us your thousands of  art works  poetry.  From your words we magically can step into a beautiful imaginary garden.


Threes fragrant in rain

Stroll through the narrow park path.

Wish I could stretch time.