This day’s thought – Harmonize

Sound… This word conveys to a specified impression when heard. A beautiful world could display ahead.  It’s already known by centuries that the Sound heals and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit.   The  Word is considered the most powerful force given to the humanity.  It could be used to build up the encouragement and bring the peace of mind. Or it could bring down the tears of despairs.  The Word itself has the power and the energy to heal, to help, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate.

Words carry inestimable importance. The Universe has been created by word.

We could create our universe in daily basis through our mindfulness, through our words. Paying attention to our speech while bringing the peace and love around us. It’s on our power to deal with this. Our words could paint with rays of love the days or could poison the nights. The mind’s nights. Someone told me these days that has been told by his childhood  on a daily basis through media, to hate the foreigners from his country. Later in the years his mind refused to take anymore this word of hating, understanding that we all are humans, we all are the same race. Converted the toxin of hating to a shining peacefulness.  Daily he brings now  in his speech the ray of love.  The Word changes definitely his setting of mind.  Today he is a Peace Ambassador for the people around him.  This kind of people could be met everywhere around us.

Bring your own peace and mindfulness through your words!  Build the beautiful World by your speech.  Harmonize your body, spirit and mind within the power of the Sound!