Green Windmill and Science Centre Nottingham


Green’s Windmill in Sneinton,  Nottingham,  has been  built by the father of  the notable scientist and mathematician George Green in 1807.

   By 1817,  Mr Green, a Nottingham baker,  built a fine house next to the windmill and his family moved here, away from the noisy, overcrowded town.


Today the working Mill is a popular museum and science centre, which teaches new generations of children about the valuable work of George Green.



Sadly, the mill was badly damaged by a fire in 1947, but  later has been  restored by Nottingham City Council in the 1980’s. The windmill began milling again in December 1986 and the giant sails can still be seen working to this day.

George Green was a mathematical genius who developed new ways of doing mathematics, which have helped scientists to understand the world around us. Test your brain power with the hands-on experiments in the Science Centre which explore electricity, magnetism and light, ideal for young children.

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