Friday’s Math Puzzle

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Source photo: Google Images


      1. Oh for Pete’s sake. I have got to get better at looking closely. Today I see both the times sign in the last set and the difference between the fries in the last two sets. I see why 15 is correct. Geesh.

  1. Uskrsnje jutro je svanulo Bozjom ljubavi nas obavilo obiteljska toplina i radosna lica gnijezda puna raznobojnih pisanica mali zeko i sarena uskrsna kosarica prekrasni darovi i obilje poslastica svečano postavljen blagdanski stol vjera u srcu i Boziji Blagoslov
    Sretan Uskrs!

  2. With every ray of light and every opening of beautiful flowers, let this season remind you of the tremendous love we have in Christ the King! Blessed Easter Holidays!

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