World Writers Day


Source photo: Google Images

The World Writers Day is celebrated each year  on March 3 since 1986. This day has been  established by the International Congress of PEN Club.

The International PEN Club is a worldwide association of writers which has been founded  in London in 1921, in order to promote  intellectual support  and friendship between  writers from all around  the world.

The name for the organization has been  made up from the first letters of the words “Poets, Essayists and Novelists”.

The idea to create this great  organization belongs to the English writer Mrs. C.A. Dawson Scott and had as a first  president  John Galsworthy. Today the International PEN Club has its centers in more than  130 countries. The International PEN Club is the oldest global literary organization that emphasizes the role of literature in the development of the world culture, fighting for the liberty of expression.

Writers Day is a great occasion to congratulate the work of each of the writers and encourage writing lovers to express their feelings and paint a better world by words.



Source photo: Google Images