Tuesday’s Math Puzzle

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  1. Eu încă-mi bat capul cu imaginea 😀
    Cum o sucesc, tot 15 îmi dă :))
    Însa, având în vedere că roșu-i roșu și verde-i verde, bănuiesc că altul e răspuns.

    1. I hope you will find more and more interesting the math puzzle area, as math itself is really fun. And is for everyone at every age! I wish that here, in the blog, we could learn from each other, have fun and understand better and better how is working this field.
      Have a great time ahead! 🙂

      1. Thank you Simona. I didn’t realize how much math I had completely forgotten when I returned to school after being out for 25 years. I lived in the math lab and science lab. I have always enjoyed math. It too, is a valuable language.

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