Pagan Pride

The Pagan Pride UK Parade and free  festival takes place annually on the first  Sunday in August in Central Nottingham.


Pagan Pride is a day of community and celebration,  beginning with a parade through the streets of the historic City of Nottingham to The Arboretum where a free  festival of live music, workshops, dance, arts, crafts, and networking opportunities – as well as hosting many stalls, food and a real ale bar.  There’s even an After Show Party at a local venue in the evening. 

Pagan Pride is a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, and funded solely from public donations and fundraising events.


Pagan Pride is a movement among the American Pagans to build a positive public image of Paganism. Local Pagan Pride groups sponsor “Pagan Pride Day” festivals, usually in public locations such as city parks or university campuses. The first recorded reference to “Pagan Pride” can be traced to 1992.

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