Nottingham – Dancing with Sun

While there is life, there is hope!


Dancing with  Sun, in a lovely Summer day…

No rain  has washed  my laugh away.

Falling in love again and again

With hope’s awesome aims…


Linking to the Robin Hood Legend, Nottingham is  the largest city in the East Midlands and the second largest in the Midlands.

The geographical centre of Nottingham is usually defined as the Old Market Square, the largest city square in the UK. The square is dominated by the Council House, which replaced The Nottingham Exchange Building, built in 1726. The Council House was built in the 1920s to display civic pride, ostentatiously using baroque columns and placing stone statues of two lions at the front to stand watch over the square. The Exchange Arcade, on the ground floor, is an upmarket shopping centre containing boutiques.

Tall office buildings line Maid Marian Way. The Georgian area around Oxford and Regent Streets is dominated by small professional firms. The…

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