She murderer

Motto: ” A kingdom founded in injustice never lasts.” – Seneca

You know how you murdered Light  

When covered Truth with the Lies,

When shouted the door through the night 

Where all your kings  are kidnapping  the chance. 

You know how you murdered Hope 

When crushed the time, laughing  loud

To all your kings who power will drop 

For more crimes once they will you  applaud. 

You know how you murdered Soul 

And then  gladly danced with your rulers. 

They will treasure  your criminal hand

And wrap you on golden  status much  cooler. 

You know how you murdered Sun 

The clocks are beating on peculiar  times. 

While left on your  back just darkness and cry

You happy rejoice the dust  of  your crimes. 

You know how the history still reinvents

In sad memories, in damn injustice.

The same monsters laughing and seem to be deaf

To all the emotions, the love and the peace. 

Too much blind after murdered all, 

You only will have just to your  world left alive .

No Light, No Hope, No Soul, No Sun. They’re gone

To heal the holocaust  left behind your drive.