Cincis Lake’s Mystery


Cincis  is a barrier lake located in Poiana Rusca Mountains in a picturesque area, about 10 kilometers from Hunedoara City .  This  is one of the most entertaining places in Hunedoara County, attracting thousands of tourists  who come here drawn by the beauty and the peacefulness of the location.

It covers an area of 867 hectares and it is located in the hearth of the village with the same name, which dates back to 1300. The village has been rellocated since 1962 to a nearby hill to allow the formation of the barrier lake. When the water level is low, at the end of the dam you can still see the ruins of the former Cincis church, documented in 1360, the church being swallowed by water.


The  legends say that the name of this village ( “cinci” means in Romanian “five”)  comes from the ‘five guys’ who founded the settlement, building five houses here. It also says that the five founders (grandfather, son and three grandchildren) used to be brave fighters who have saved their king from the grasp of the Turks in a battle place called Poiana Turcului. As a result, they received Cincis Region as a reward.

Shortly after flooding area began to start, unexplained phenomena  has happened near the lake. According to locals, sudden storms took place on the surface of the lake; sheep no longer neared the lake, or late at night, spirits of the dead buried in cemeteries, now under water, could be seen. Also, many people have drowned here so the lake came to be called the cursed Lake by locals. 



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