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I  always  enjoy an  easy problem like this when scroll down on my LinkedIn account.  I even wear a large smile on my face when read:



Honestly,  I never thought that you have to be a Genius in order to resolve this!  If so, I would be then  very happy when it comes about my generation…that’s means we all are geniuses! But in the same time  I feel so disappointed when read the comments…but let’s take it over and focus on positive things.

I  even have found  an  wondering one… It seems to be more realistic…


Well, not sure is only… But if they say so, do not mind…

In fact all these make me a little more positive.


  Because in our house everybody loves math, we have tried to be a little original. So I have got this:



And I would say that is not only for Geniuses… It is for everybody loves to speak  mathematically. Do not even worry if got no answer. You could be Genius in another field. 



    1. Multumesc asemenea pentru vizita! Si pentru ca mi-ati amintit de anii de scoala, cand “rastalmaceam” febril limba rusa, pe care am adorat-o! Si franceza asemenea…

      La multi ani de Ziua Nationala a Romaniei!

  1. Hi, I don’t know Romanian, but my little brother found your puzzle on google images, and texted me asking if I could solve it. I reverse searched the image to this blog. He really wants to know the answer, and so do I. Is the answer to your puzzle -21 or 67?

    Why I think -21:
    Middle two pair of numbers both add up to 182, so it’s possible first and fourth pair is meant to add to the same number, since the first pair adds to 146, the number which makes the fourth pair add to 146 is -21. It makes sense but I don’t think this is the solution because it doesn’t seem very elegant, and I don’t think negative numbers would be allowed in a blog expressing positivism in the world.

    Why I think 67:
    Summarized my though process here:
    Not sure what the pattern is in: 13->4, 15->9, 14->8, but I hope 16-> {1,2,3,5,6,7}. I was thinking since 13-4=9 and 15-9=6=14-8, then 16-x =9, x = 7, giving 67 as a possible answer.

    Please let me know if either one of those are the answers, if not I would appreciate a hint to the right answer.

    1. Hi, thank you so much for visiting my blog.
      If you are referring about the last picture puzzle, the answer is 100. The first and the third number are to be multiplied with the following number. Then add them to the the result of multiplying all the numbers from the line.
      Have a great time ahead! 🙂

  2. Is the answer to the first pictured riddle 79? (Sheldon’s Board Problem)?


  3. La primul puzzle rezultatul e 600. Considerând șirul (An)n>=1, A1=5, An=n*(An-1)rezultă că termenul de rang 5 este 5*120=600.
    O săptămână frumoasă!

      1. Mulțumesc ❤.
        Mi-a plăcut foarte tare ultimul puzzle. Nu am reușit să ajung la rezultat (deși mă preocupă de câteva zile 😀 ), dar mi-a plăcut foarte mult ideea de a folosi și succesorii cifrelor date. Sincer, nu mă gândisem la asta :). Mulțumesc încă o data!❤

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