Veni, vidi, vici

I am here because one of my greatest victories  which  is related to   one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Rome.  The beginning and the end of the story have nothing in common with it, but somewhere in the middle I had to be in…Rome.  A  hot Summer which reminds me everyday to keep going for my dreams. 

An amazing experience which taught me to believe in myself, even have been falling again and again. Getting up and moving forward.

How far would you travel only for having an interview? I was asking myself the same question when got the job opportunity in my email. Living at that time in Romania, I was invited to attend an interview in Rome for a job in…UK.

Everything has gone so fast, I even got confused people around me. But the beauty of the situation has been so strong, so I took the opportunity and went in rush to Rome.   The experience was fabulous, preparing quickly between 2  night shifts  before and while travelling. I well remember that I said firstly: I have come from Romania by coach, travelling over than 30 hours, so, I am very determined  to take the job!

And I did it…

Live your beautiful life! While there is life, there is hope!