Cat or dog?

When it comes to speak about Interviewing subjects, the list has got bigger and bigger regarding the “killer” questions or regarding the unusual ones.

With all the homework done, I run that morning to another meeting in another interview panel. Keeping in mind all the procedures, politics, medications, weaknesses  , strong points, skills, regulations…etc…I mean all that serious think…The biggest surprise has come from the first moments when I was asked if I were an animal, which one I would like to be: a cat or a dog? Of course, the question arrived as a smooth smile on my mind, even because I remembered suddenly the question about Tom and Jerry which my cousin had it in an interview regarding the Law. As more funny as I was supposed to speak about care and health.

My answer has come quite confident meanwhile cause I am an animal fan. But could not decide exactly which one. A white dog would be preferable instead a black cat. But I was feeling so so sorry for this black cat so I could not take it away from my mind. I know, I know all the dog qualities versus the cat whim. But this comes as a natural adaptation to the environment. Wherever could not be all the same. So my answer came in 2 half portions.

What did happen after? I was successful in that interview. Not sure because I dressed all my explanations in a modern philosophy or because even did not matter which animal I would like to be.

At the end of interview on the question section I could make it, I kindly asked for what reason did they ask me this question about animals. The answer did not come… It came only a face expression as the reason is quite hided.

Funny day. Interesting interview… But I refused the offer… They asked me why… Because I have found them unprepared for my question…

By the way, if you would be an animal, which one would you like to be? No question for an interview…but never know when you could get a question like this…