Math Test

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Este surprinzator sa aflu pe LinkedIn ca treaba asta este chiar complicata!
Voi ce credeti? Ca acolo luptele se duc din greu intre… Profesionisti!
Si nu este singura!

Mesaj catre guvernantii lumii: mariti salariile profilor de mate… ca altfel riscam sa pierdem generatiile viitoare!


It has been surprising to discover on LinkedIn that this matter is it really complicated! What do you think? Cause there the battles are heavily taken between … Professionals!

And is not the only one! 

The message to the  Worldwide governors: Increase the Salaries for Math Teachers …if not, we are risking to miss the next generations!





    1. Anything multiplies with zero is zero, right. And we have on the line addings and multiplying. So the first one will be done the multiplying and only after will do addings.
      So the result will be 41.

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