The Other Side of Pakistan

Before my trip to Pakistan I didn’t have a great and positive perception about this country by the grace of the media and gossips of the people around us. I was a little afraid to visit this country for my short trip and I was excited to explore a lot of things at the same time.


On arrival at the Benazir International Airport Islamabad I was a little tired because of the delayed flight from Dubai, but I was curious to go fast on the roads and observe the real Pakistan. At my first sight I found it  quite opposite to what I had perceived , more or less like other thickly populated countries the roads were full of vehicles and people were busy performing their daily life activities.


Being a women I felt great that everybody showed more respect from the Taxi driver to the waiter at the local restaurant. I should mention that on the contrary to the false media, women are respected more in Pakistani society. Traditional Dupatta (Scarf) is worn by the majority of the women but in the cities like Islamabad women are seen dressed in western dresses mostly.


I was very impressed with the quality of food, the unique taste of each Pakistan cuisine and my favorite “Paratha”. The food has a lot of variety in Pakistan , Most of the dishes are a little spicy and more delicious. I think I am addicted to Pakistani food already.


My road trip from Islamabad to the Lahore, the capital of Punjab, was excited and the road “Motor Way” is one of the fine roads in the world. There is a variety of landscape worth seeing on the way between federal capital Islamabad and Provincial Capital Lahore. The Potohar Plateau, the Salt Range and the vast agricultural land add to the beauty of this area.

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River Jhelum and River Ravi are the source of irrigation to the area where Oranges, Kinno and Citrus are cultivated mostly making Pakistan one of the largest producers of oranges and citrus.


Lahore is a busier city than Islamabad, we visited some historical places and well known Minar-E-Pakistan (Pakistan Tower). Lahore is surrounded by architectural master pieces and historical building. At Minar-E-Pakistan we were so glad to be friends with a little cute kid with a million dollar smile.

The friendship series doesn’t end here so lets explore the real side of Pakistan as I did a little.