My Romania is one of the most beautiful countries in the world

Or Romania is not a ghetto

Dear friends, from today I am writing more about a topic which is still “hot” in Europe in  not a  nice way, a topic to which I did not pay that much attention, as I saw there is a wide range of work about it:  Beautiful Romania.

But I  have been myself  again and again in horrible situations, as there is a huge misunderstanding about my little and beautiful country.  And about my fellow citizens.  Initially I started writing in Romanian, but I found out  as not being any point if John or Sarah will not understand what I am writing here.

It’s  already written about the fact Romania is not a ghetto… It is only written…but not already known…


John was in a lovely mood this morning, while we took our exercises as we do sometimes. We started speaking about how the culture gets involved in the person education…and have gone much further with the topics, as usually happens. And “arrived” to Sibiu, which is one of Romania city. While showing him some of my pictures I got it from there, John, full of enthusiasm, exclaimed: “OMG! But Romania is beautiful! I thought is a ghetto! ”    I looked to  him with a strange face and think he  figured out what just said: ” Sorry, but I saw at TV, many videos from Romania, did not look any nice. I really thought Romania is a ghetto.”

We carried on with the conversation, as he knows personally me, and is not about me, apologizing about the fact. I know it’s  not his fault, as he has never been in Romania. And never has had other conversations closely with Romanians.

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Coming back to the topic, I  could not be that negative from the main title, so, I put it a little down the rest.  I do walk  always a positive way instead of being arrogant and negative. I know there are some issues about my little country. I can not hide this fact. But need to look closely to the history path, to understand why such a beautiful and smart people, has been for ages, the Cinderella of the Europe. Otherwise every country has its issues, so, no need to consider mine that bad.

I invite you here, my dear friends, to talk about it. I am waiting for nice ideas, for constructive ones. I will let behind the sad  reality that I found myself in not nice circumstances  just because I am Romanian. Will try to take it over, and as John  already  knows,  will keep smiling…Staying positive!  I will face it for every single  step, even need to double or triple the effort, just because I am Romanian, and the doors will open much harder.