My Romania is one of the most beautiful countries in the world

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Or Romania is not a ghetto

Dear friends, from today I am writing more about a topic which is still “hot” in Europe in  not a  nice way, a topic to which I did not pay that much attention, as I saw there is a wide range of work about it:  Beautiful Romania.

But I  have been myself  again and again in horrible situations, as there is a huge misunderstanding about my little and beautiful country.  And about my fellow citizens.  Initially I started writing in Romanian, but I found out  as not being any point if John or Sarah will not understand what I am writing here.

It’s  already written about the fact Romania is not a ghetto… It is only written…but not already known…


John was in a lovely mood this morning, while we took our exercises as we do sometimes. We started speaking about how the culture gets involved in the person education…and have gone much further with the topics, as usually happens. And “arrived” to Sibiu, which is one of Romania city. While showing him some of my pictures I got it from there, John, full of enthusiasm, exclaimed: “OMG! But Romania is beautiful! I thought is a ghetto! ”    I looked to  him with a strange face and think he  figured out what just said: ” Sorry, but I saw at TV, many videos from Romania, did not look any nice. I really thought Romania is a ghetto.”

We carried on with the conversation, as he knows personally me, and is not about me, apologizing about the fact. I know it’s  not his fault, as he has never been in Romania. And never has had other conversations closely with Romanians.

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Coming back to the topic, I  could not be that negative from the main title, so, I put it a little down the rest.  I do walk  always a positive way instead of being arrogant and negative. I know there are some issues about my little country. I can not hide this fact. But need to look closely to the history path, to understand why such a beautiful and smart people, has been for ages, the Cinderella of the Europe. Otherwise every country has its issues, so, no need to consider mine that bad.

I invite you here, my dear friends, to talk about it. I am waiting for nice ideas, for constructive ones. I will let behind the sad  reality that I found myself in not nice circumstances  just because I am Romanian. Will try to take it over, and as John  already  knows,  will keep smiling…Staying positive!  I will face it for every single  step, even need to double or triple the effort, just because I am Romanian, and the doors will open much harder.




  1. Romania is beautiful and that much more when gazing at it through your viewpoint. Most folks do not look beyond their own front yard and are consumed with their own lives; therefore, they gladly accept the stereotypes fed to them by the media or even their own government. I would have to admit with much shame that most Americans know next to nothing about Romania and worse yet, some do not even know it exists. The ignorance is deep and many are content to remain ignorant.

    Your country is beautiful and I greatly appreciate you sharing it with such love and pride. I wish Americans understood how much beauty they are privileged to coexist within we are consumed with technology and self gain. Then again, most folks, regardless of origin ignore the beauty within which they live in order to pursue material gain or power. Yet, it is we writers and artists who can see beyond the man made clutter that compete for our attention.

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your world with us. Blessings upon you.

    1. Thank you so much, Tina!
      You are right. And with all negative media, most of people even get down in ignorance and remember only about the worst things.
      But as you said, we writers could help to improve the facts. Looking to the positive things. Looking to the beauty of every aspect of our life. There are such many gorgeos circumstances which arise from every single point.
      Have a lovely time ahead. Stay always blessed! 🙂

  2. Frumoasă abordare care are menirea de a se afla adevărul. M-am simțit bine citind acest articol despre România frumoasă, mulțumesc. Și dintre atâtea videoclipuri cu imagini din frumusețile României aș aminti:

    Toate cele bune !

    1. Multumesc mult, Georgeta!
      Am simtit sa scriu asa, datorita conjucturii… Avem intra-adevar o tara frumoasa, pentru care nu trebuie sa fim rusinati…
      O zi plina de frumusete iti doresc!

  3. I think that among Europeans Romania ( and many other counties ) is known to be beautiful. That also goes for people – the majority are good, hard working, creative, proud to be Romanians. I am from Poland and the same goes for my countrymen. On the other hand the media creates unfavorable portrayals of nations and its people, looking through a very narrow scope and seeing only what is on the surface. Unfortunately, most people outside Europe know only the little they see on the news, I have been living in US for the past 20 years and can tell you that with the exception of soldiers who fought oversees and a very small percentage of those who traveled (and most Americans don’t), the average American is ignorant about Europe and its diverse cultures and peoples. So, do not get discouraged. Show your country to all and some – those who really want to know and appreciate a different way of life – will be grateful and glad. I certainly am. If I ever have an opportunity, I will visit your beautiful country and be glad to meet your people 🙂

    1. Many thanks. Sonia, for your positive words! You are most welcome to visit us! I have never been in Poland, but I have got a lot of friends from there. Hope one day to visit this beautiful country too.
      Wherever the life takes our steps, the soul will be back again and again to the home land, at the heart calling. Stay always blessed! 🙂

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