Quarry Lane Nature Reserve Mansfield


The meandering River Maun and Field Mill Pond form the centrepiece of this well-maintained reserve.

As the river flows through the site it falls over a number of small ruffles, attracting Kingfishers and Grey Wagtails, while the pond is home to a number of wading birds.

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The area also attracts a thriving population of water voles, while the woodland on the edge of the reserve provides a habitat for a number of bird species, including the Bullfinch and Spotted Flycatcher.

The river is flanked by mature woodland containing Ash, Beech and Oak trees and an area of meadowland is a haven for butterflies and other insects.

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As well as it is natural treasures, the reserve also has several historic sites, including Drury’s dam viaduct and the remains of an en extensive mill, which was once the third largest in Europe.

The site is popular with walkers because of its flat, well-maintained footpaths which make it accessible to all.

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